The group in charge of the theme “Addiction” within the Center of Evidence decided to address the question “how to improve the course of health of people with addictive behavior”, to set the perimeter as follows:

  • The gateway to the health course will be the time when addictive driving is spotted
  • The question of “where? by who ? And how the driving is spotted? “Will be dealt with in the context of the
  • The problem of primary prevention will not be addressed
  • The problem of Food Disorders will not be addressed in the report
    (in the introduction, the reasons for this decision will be outlined)

The methodology adopted is that of the Center de preuves:

  • Critical analysis of data in the literature using a method where the clinical relevance of the data prevails,
    Once the methodological quality of collecting and analyzing these data has been established
  • Confronting these data with the reality of practices
  • Proposed avenues for improvement and monitoring indicators in the event of implementation (impact measures)

It is planned to hear experts from the field. Already, links have been made with the Federation Addiction which is carrying out work complementary to those of the Center of Evidence.
Representatives of this Federation will be invited to participate in the work of the Center of Evidence, in particular within the framework of its Monitoring Committee.

The deliverable will be a report containing all the data needed to guide the organization of the health supply to this population.

The report is expected to be delivered in the last quarter of 2017. The deliverable will be a report containing all the data needed to guide the organization of the healthcare supply to this population.

The dissemination of the report to all decision-makers and funders (DGS, DGCS, DGOS, ARS), stakeholders (professionals or actors in the field, users) will be carried out during 2018 Work, meeting with the ARS, communications in congresses, development of diversified media to promote the dissemination of the elements of the report, in particular via the CDP website.

Depending on the demands of the field, the implementation of accompanying actions for the appropriation of the report’s proposals will be organized through the creation of a technical assistance scheme