To analyze the data from the literature, suggest ways of improvement, be a force of proposals

The Centre de preuves performs the critical analysis of the literature by assessing, once the methodological validity of the data collection and analysis has been set, their clinical relevancy (scientific committee). By confronting these data with the current state of the practice in France (which may be assessed if necessary), the Centre de preuves identify ways of improvements regarding the organization of the mental health offer and takes into account its degree of applicability (follow-up committee).

The Centre de preuves redacts a report to summarize these works. It is not supposed to recommend practices but to be a force of proposals, backed by convincing data (in a broad sense), to decision-takers and field professionals.

To spread up-to-date knowledge and help their implementation

The Centre de Preuves follows the process of knowledge acquisition by the professionals involved (using various distribution media) and help field professionals implement the improvements they choose to use.

Adaptation and assessment support

In order to encourage a flexibility – assessment approach (flexibility in adapting the ways of improvement to resources and obstacles that vary between territories, and assessment to follow up and adjust improvement actions to the objectives), the Centre de preuves helps professionals design impact indexes to be collected in “routine care”.

For teams who wish to perform an evaluative research, the Centre de Preuves offers evaluative epidemiological schemas adapted to the chosen topic of interest.

A single discipline: psychiatry and mental health

There is only one Centre de preuves (proof center) per medical field.
The topics that may be researched by this Centre de Preuves are the ones related to “Psychiatry and Mental Health”.

The first topic opened by the Centre de preuves, in 2014, was “How to improve the care/life pathway of the persons with a severe and persistent mental illness”.

A report, “Evidences for use in the improvement of the treatment and quality of life of persons with a severe and persistent mental illness” (données de preuves en vue d’améliorer le parcours de soins et de vie des personnes présentant un handicap psychique sous tendu par un trouble schizophrénique”), was produced in September 2015.

The Centre de Preuve plans to open new topics. The choice of topics relies, among other things, on the improvements that may be brought to said topics, considering the amount of data acquired and the current state of practices.

Our Partners

The operation modalities of the Centre de Preuves en psychiatrie et en santé mentale rely on the participation of professionals from the fields involved in the topic, i.e. involved in some way in the care/life pathway of the persons with a psychic disability. The Centre de Preuve is funded by the Direction Générale de l’Offre de Soins (General Direction of the Health Offer) and the Direction Générale de la Cohésion Sociale (General Direction of Social Cohesion) in terms of the “psychic disability”.